What we love doing

Web Development

We develop beautiful websites and web apps based on your need using cutting edge web technologies.

Server Management

We provide high-performance dedicated, virtual and cloud servers optimised for hosting your websites and web applications. Read more


We teach what we practice. We teach online through Google Hangouts and at our office in Puducherry, India

Sharing what we learn

How to create grouped select box in Rails for polymorphic association using Global ID?

Given you have Post, User and Group model. Post can be owned by either by an User or by a Group. This post explores how to create a single grouped select box form for choosing either an user or a group when creating a new post.

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About Us.

Rooted in Earth, flowering in the Sky

We are a small team of passionate web professionals. We work on bringing ideas and concepts to life. We believe in the philosophy of Open Source and we irresistibly feel urge to 'contributing back' to the community.

Mohanraj Thangarasu


Developer with 8+ years of experience. In love with Ruby ever since writing
10.times { puts 'Hello world' }.

Loves reading books, listening to new age music and a proud vegan

Shankar Dhanasekaran


Developer with 8+ years of experience. Hacks on Drupal, Ruby on Rails and the newest cool kids in the town - Elixir and Phoenix

An Osho sannyas, loves reading books and listening to new age music - a great fan of Prem Joshua and Karunesh.